Education in Turkey

Education for women and girls

Wir von fundingfriends unterstützen den „Verein zur Förderung der Zeitgemäßen Lebensweise NRW e.V“ aus Münster, der die Bildungsmöglichkeiten für Frauen & Mädchen in der Türkei verbessern möchte.

What do we do in the project?

Our mission is clear – we want to help the association from Münster to give women and girls in Turkey a chance to determine their own educational path and thus provide better opportunities for their education.

How did we help? – The association from Münster has been working for equal rights in education for women and girls in Turkey for over 27 years. Among other things, it has received permission to send up to 6,000 laptops to Turkey and make them available to students, especially female students, for online instruction. This helps especially the people in the earthquake-hit regions of the country, as the schools are only in the process of being rebuilt, and unaccessible on site is partly only possible through online participation. In order to help the association to get the donation sum together as fast as possible, we have collected together with YOU in shortest time altogether 1.000€ in, which we could make available to the association for the acquisition of the laptops.

At the same time, there is still the possibility of supporting local women and girls in Turkey with a scholarship. Due to the difficult conditions in the country caused by the earthquake, it is all the more important to strengthen the existing grants and thus give the local people a perspective for the future. There is a scholarship package for female students and a package for female high school students. The scholarships cover in each case the 4-year education, as well as a computer including Internet access. For the female students the costs also cover the accommodation.

You would like to support us with a scholarship? Then please donate with the subject “Scholarship Turkey” via Paypal or to our donation account.


Our Organisation

We started with 12 friends and have grown steadily since then. We are always happy about new fundingfriends!

Our Goal

Together with our own, but also with donations from partners and you, we want to improve the educational opportunities in the world.

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We can achieve more together

Association for the Promotion of the Contemporary Way of Life NRW e.V.

The association “Verein zur Förderung der Zeitgemäßen Lebensweise NRW e.V.” (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) has been in existence since 1996 and now has over 130 members in Germany, including 40 in Münster, with whom we at fundingfriends are in close exchange. The association has been working for years with an association from Istanbul and uses the existing contacts in the country to provide the best possible support to the affected regions after the severe earthquake. Since the earthquake, a total of €70,000 in donations has already been successfully forwarded.

The partner association in Turkey has already supported many good things on site with the donations:

  • A container school was set up at short notice to keep classes going for students in the affected areas while normal classes were still cancelled.
  • An offer was provided for women, where they could learn handicrafts in small workshops. This helped in the difficult time on the one hand for distraction and on the other hand to learn a new craft and thus continue for the purpose of earning money.
  • Since many students are now going to schools & universities in unaffected areas, new accommodations had to be made locally accordingly.
  • School classes were interrupted or switched to online classes in many towns after the earthquake, as many of the school buildings are no longer standing. For this reason, new computers and also internet connections are urgently needed to enable the students to continue attending classes.

If you would like to learn more about the association and the situation in Turkey, please visit the website of the association “Verein zur Förderung der Zeitgemäßen Lebensweise NRW e.V.”.

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