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A light for Africa 

Dear Fundingfriends, we have a great new project with which we can improve the educational opportunities in Africa together. With the help of solar lamps, you have the opportunity to offer children in Africa a learning opportunity even after dark.

The initial situation

In many African countries, it gets dark very early due to the proximity to the equator. Since there is no electricity in many homes, children often have no opportunity to do their homework or study for school in the evenings after helping their families in the fields or with the household chores. Therefore, they often sit under street lamps at the roadside in the evening or do not do their homework at all and therefore have difficulties to keep up in school.

The project

We have found a local partner who has created a great project: A Light for Africa! Solar lamps enable the children to learn from home in the evening hours. The solar lamps charge during the day and can be used as reading light for hours in the evening. Providing these lamps here can provide easy, short-term access to light and therefore better access to education for the children. The lamps are in a backpack, but can also be taken out and put on a bottle, for example.

To provide a backpack with an integrated solar lamp, we need donations of $55.94. Of this, $18.14 will go towards the production of the solar lamp and $37.50 towards the backpack. The remaining $4 will go to the office for administrative work and $1 will go to support volunteer efforts. The backpacks are produced in two sizes, one for older children and one for younger children.

Through the personal contact on site, we have the opportunity to directly hear the needs on the ground and can also guarantee that the donations arrive 100% where they belong! You can learn more about the backpacks here on the Instagram page of Josh & his team:

The production

One Africa’s backpacks, known as (Nara Solar Backpacks) are made from recyclable materials. During production, care is taken to use as few natural resources as possible, as this is a great benefit to the environment while boosting the local economy.

The backpacks are produced in Johannesburg by local men and women. Special attention is paid to the payment of fair wages. In this way, local people, some of whom have never had the chance of formal education, are empowered to produce the backpacks and thus do something good for their region and the future of their children.

We have purchased 2 Eco Backpacks for the association, which we of course always have with us at our events to give you a better idea. Just come and visit us at the next event.

Our Organisation

We started with 12 friends and have grown steadily since then. We are always happy about new fundingfriends!

Our Goal

Together with our own, but also with donations from partners and you, we want to improve the educational opportunities in the world.

Donate now

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One Mission – Together as Friends

The team around Josh has a truly impressive mission that is not only inspiring, but extremely meaningful. Their passion for this task is truly admirable, and it’s great to see them working on it with so much energy and commitment. But see for yourself what Josh and his team have to say:

“We believe in investing and leveraging African talent to create sustainable job opportunities for our communities. By engaging our communities on issues that affect our daily lives and committing to solving them with available resources, we will build a nation of opportunity.”

“We invest in education by providing high-quality, useful tools that enable learners to learn well and inspire them to participate in problem-solving at a young age.”

“Our sustainable backpacks are the solution to saving resources at every step of the production process. By introducing the eco backpacks, we significantly reduce the environmental footprint and get an eco-friendly product as a result.”

Say moyn! 😉

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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