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Friends together for one school!

Together with friends, families and partners, we want to expand the existing educational opportunities for children in the world & provide them with better access to education to help them achieve their dreams.

Our Organisation

We started with 12 friends and have grown steadily since then. We are always happy about new fundingfriends!

Our Goal

Together with our own, but also with donations from partners and you, we want to improve the educational opportunities in the world.

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What is behind fundingfriends?

It all started with 12 friends pursuing a common goal.

Our Mission

Education has made a lot of things possible for all of us. Now it’s payback time, and we want to give other people better access, too.
As a circle of friends, we also want to motivate you to give back more consciously together with friends, family and partners.

What we do

We discuss a lot together as a team and circle of friends about ideas on how to make our projects sustainable.

Collect ideas

The start of everything is a good idea and the discussion.

Collect donations

100% of our donations go to the sponsorship fund. We finance the association exclusively through membership fees.

Realize projects

Collecting donations is not enough. We get down to work together and implement the projects on site.


Donations collected


Why us?

We at fundingfriends have focused our association work on improving educational opportunities around the world. We have our entire focus on a project and are 100% behind it, since many of our members also have a private interest in the success of the projects through travel, experience & personal contacts. That is why 100% of the proceeds from donations go to the affected regions. We finance our public relations and other costs out of our own pockets. We all know each other from our studies and would like to pass on the chance of a good education together.

We are, for example, the first association from Osnabrück to work for better educational opportunities in Guatemala. We also support the education of women & girls in Turkey. 

We have already entered into cooperations with many experienced associations from Germany, which help us to achieve our goals. More information about these associations can be found on the corresponding project pages.

Become a fundingfriend now

Become a fundingfriend now

With us, every member brings their own talent to the table. Be a part of it.

Our top partners

Together with our partners, we are getting one step closer to our goals with every cent.

Say moyn! 😉

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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